Profit Guarantees – Why?

A profit guarantee is included with our college football monthly and seasonal packages. For just $99.99 the a NCAAF monthly package, a customer is guaranteed a +10 unit profit. If we are unable to accomplish this during a given month we will extend the service free of charge until we hit the promised profit. A NCAAF season includes a +40 unit profit and is available for $149.99 which is by far the best value you are going to find anywhere. Similar the NFL Month ($99.99) includes a +5 unit profit guarantee and the NFL season ($179.99) includes a +20 unit profit guarantee.

Two questions I like to answer is why are your prices so low and why do you offer profit guarantees? Addressing the first is simple, we keep our prices low to make our picks affordable to everyone. We are not in the game of over charging and while some people believe you get what you pay for, that is quite unfortunate. Our picks are high quality and heavily researched. Please take the time to read up on some of our previously posted plays.

The second question in regards to the profit guarantee is one of my favorites. We simply offer these guarantees to build trust. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada and trust is in our values. We don't ever want a client to believe they have been short changed or that we didn't work hard for them. By offering a profit guarantee we are simply showing the confidence we have in our product.

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